Friday, November 29, 2013

Tom Gilson's series on Boghossian


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im-skeptical said...

Gilson: "He says (32:30 here), “When I speak to speak to somebody of faith, I view them as a person who really is mentally ill.” Yet ironically he considers it frightful that anyone would “medicalize” attitudes toward Islam through using the word “Islamophobia.”

That’s one of several oddities in the conversation you see below."

That conversation on video makes it clear that Boghossian places Islam in the same category as any other religion. He distinguishes religion (as a way of knowing things) from the individual who practices it, and sees Islamophobia as an unreasonable fear of people - not the fear of a religion.

It seems Gilson is looking for soundbites to pick at without bothering to understand what Boghossian is trying to say.