Friday, October 11, 2013

The latest chapter in the "Jesus Myth" saga


Does anyone find this stuff boring besides me?


Crude said...

Atwill said that the "Roman Caesars left us a kind of puzzle literature that was meant to be solved by future generations."

Some atheists have religious beliefs that are hard to top in terms of creative lunacy.

B. Prokop said...

I saw this earlier today in the Daily Mail and laughed out loud! I thought I'd never hear anything sillier than the "women went to the wrong tomb" theory, but this one takes the cake, hands down. My favorite line in the article was "Mr. Atwill accepts that his theory will upset some believers." Why are people like him (to include certain posters on this site) always so quick to assume that anything they say could possibly "upset" us?

Pathetic. It's incredible how unskeptically the self-styled skeptics will swallow all sorts of foolishness, as long as it gives them some shred of hope, however forlorn, of denying that Christianity might just be True!

Ilíon said...

Yeah, I saw that earlier today and just rolled my eyes.

unkleE said...

I'm really worried. Barabra Thiering, John Allegro, Freke & Gandy, D Murdoch, and all those people were clearly wrong, but this guy must be right - he said so himself!

I'm really worried!

Papalinton said...

No. Atwill is a mythicist crank and muddies the genuine jesusgod scholarship [Not the religious apologetical type of scholarship, I mean the real, genuine type of historical biblical scholarship.]. Carrier put him out to pasture years ago. Read Carrier's refutation of Atwill HERE.

I've been following this for some time now. And it a pathetic attempt at uncritical investigation and a leap over the probabilities.

Papalinton said...

As a follow-up, you will notice in the article:

"Thomas Verenna has already written a deconstruction of that. Notably even Acharya S (D.M. Murdock) doesn’t buy Atwill’s thesis, declaring that she does “not concur with Atwill’s Josephus/Flavian thesis” and that “the Flavians, including Josephus, did not compose the canonical gospels as we have them.” Robert Price has similarly soundly debunked his book, even after strongly wanting to like it."

Atwill is not a recognized biblical scholar but rather on the lunatic fringe.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

It's fun watching Atheists like Tim O'Neil self styled "Australian Atheist Bastard"(I've always admired him from afar) give these Gnus a smack down!

Jesus Mythers are the Young Earth Creationists of Atheism & Skepticism.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

It's not hard.

I don't believe Muhammed was God's Prophet nor do I believe Joseph Smith was either.

But I don't think it is rational to run around claiming neither existed based on the evidence.

OTOH I did read somewhere about a Muhammed Myther!


kilo papa said...

2000 years and counting.

But don't be dismayed, Christards!!! I'm sure that Jebus is just around the corner!!!!!!


Son of Ya'Kov said...

I read a Christian Science fiction novel written by a Post-millenialist.

It had the endtimes and second coming occur after 13,000 AD.

The Villain in the novel had the same complaint as Lapa.

!3,000 years he hasn't shown up yet!!!

The book also had a conversation between two guys speculating when the second coming would happen.

It seems Theologians in the 131st century speculated on some passage about "filling the stars" as meaning Christ would come once humanity colonized the Galaxy.(that at least in the story turned out to be wrong). Still considering starships in this saga only travelled about 80% the speed of light & their only means of FTL travel was Stargates they had to drag to other solar systems.

Thus Far future Christian theologians where content to believe the Second Coming might not happen for at lest 150,000 since that is how long it would take to colonize the Galaxy.

God being Timeless then any time he come is soon for him.

So 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years or 100,000 years he will come again when he wants & we won't know the day or the hour.