Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dale Tuggy's Review of the Craig-Rosenberg debate


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Unknown said...

I disagree with his objection to Rosenburgs comments at 42:00 I don’t think R was committing the appeal to authority fallacy, you’ll note that he clarified himself stating that the fact most scientists don’t believe in God should give us pause and consider why they don’t. He never says that the fact that a great deal of scientists are atheists somehow is evidence in itself for atheism. Nevertheless, this argument is fairly weak since scientists aren’t experts on natural theology. Of course, R equates science and natural theology, believing that God is a purely scientific concept (which seems to me to be an absurd notion to say the least). I did agree with the rest of the review however, it seems to me Rosenberg’s responses were clumsy and at times just plain rude.