Friday, November 02, 2012

Is there a Christian Left?

Is there a Christian Left? Yes. 


oozzielionel said...

Don't forget:

unkleE said...

The christian left was here before the christian right (which only started with Constantine!).

B. Prokop said...

The "Christian Left" is as old as Christianity. If you are sincerely interested in reading about it, might I suggest the following:

The Long Loneliness - Dorothy Day
The Trial of the Catonsville Nine - Daniel Berrigan
The Universe Bends Toward Justice - Obery Hendricks, Jr.
Across That Bridge - Rep. John Lewis

Oh... and The Sermon on the Mount - Jesus

Bilbo said...

Just remember: Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.

Syllabus said...

It always worries me when Christians on either side of the political spectrum wed their faith to their politics so closely.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

Herbert McCabe.

Teacher of Fr Brian Daves. Recommended as a great Thomist Scholar by Ed Feser Mr. right wing philosopher himself.

Awesome Thomist and thinker in Classic Theism.

A man so far to the left politically he make both Bob Prokop and Fr Grotechel look like supply side Neo-conservatives(like Moi).

The man was a self confessed Christian Socialist.

But an awesome Thomist.

God love him.

B. Prokop said...


You are correct in worrying about it. It's what C.S. Lewis called "Christianity And", in which the "and" inevitably becomes the more important part. Partisans on both sides have been guilty of this. At this present moment of time, it would be hard to deny that the right is far more guilty of this. In the 19th Century, it was unquestionably the left. Doubtless the pendulum will shift back some day.

Wow! How's this for a coincidence!
My not-a-robot word is "Obamma [20]12" !

Syllabus said...

At this present moment of time, it would be hard to deny that the right is far more guilty of this.

Or at least more obviously guilty. But there are plenty of Christians on the left who do it. Just look at that Methodist lady who did the opening prayer at the DNC...

B. Prokop said...

CNN Online has an absolutely HORRIBLE quiz supposedly meant to tell whether you believed in a "Red State Jesus" or a "Blue State Jesus". The questions are beyond stupid. six out of ten have no real right answer, or else you'd be compelled to answer "both", and I highly suspect the spin being put on the others.

Here is the quiz (I don't know how to make links):

Syllabus said...

Oh my sweet Lord-of-unspecified-colour, those are some truly awful statements. Not a single one of them has anything approaching the merest fraction of a semblance of nuance. About the only one I could actually answer all the way is the "one way" one.