Wednesday, October 17, 2012

J D Walters on Christianity and the Paranormal



B. Prokop said...

It's about time that someone decoupled these two utterly unrelated topics! There is a tremendous amount that we do not understand about the workings of the mind and its relationship to the physical world that is properly the purview of methodical, empirical study. That would have the side benefit of weeding out the vast majority of hoaxes, illusions, delusions, and fabrications that litter this field of study.

Unknown said...

An interesting article, especially since I had, at one point in my former faith, worked toward "naturalizing the paranormal." I do have a question, though, for the Classical Theists who comment here: does such an animistic vision of reality, like the one in JD's article, jive well with the Classical Theist's conception of God?

steve said...

In answer to Dan's question, here's how I evaluated his position: