Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A statement from my first published paper

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The theistic hypothesis has test implications for a wide variety of phenomena, and for this reason there are many other types of evidence to consider when trying to decide whether or not to be a theist. Making miracles in general, or some particularmiracle (such as the Resurrection of Christ) into an experimentum
crucis seems clearly to be unwarranted.

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Anonymous said...

This is true. I would also add that people just don't experience things like seas parting, people rising from the dead etc. etc. Moreover, people who hear donkey's talk or voices or have visions of people being tormented in fire would be labeled as mentally disturbed today. Let me tell you a story. I got into a debate with the astrophycisist Hugh Ross over the phone about the age of the universe, epistemology, science and everything. I thought I had it all figured out. I started preaching and telling him that he was wrong about his theory of time and everything else. Well, when I hung up the phone my mind was racing a hundred miles an hour. I was up for three days pondering everything I said to him on the phone. I walked over to the radio and turned it on. It seemed as though I had started a revival. People on the radio were repeating everthing I said to Dr. Ross. They were singing and laughing. My grandma came in the room and told me that George Bush was worried about the time. So, I started thinking that this thing has gotten all the way to George Bush. Pretty soon the Government was comming after me. I thought that scientists were in a big conspiracy and that they were building the tower of babel because they were foundationalists in their epistemology. I thought the end of the world was near and that God was about to pour out His wrath on the planet. I laid down and closed my eyes and two beams of light shot down and formed a dot in the middle of my forhead. I called my mom telling her that the end of the world was here and that she needed to come get me because the government was comming after me. She took me to the hospital and they gave me medication and diagnosed me.

It's for these reasons that when I look at the evidence of Paul's experience with Christ that I think he may have been having some sort of delusional episode. These sorts of episodes don't stay permanantly without medicine. They come and go. To say that Paul couldn't have ever had a delusional episode because he wrote the love chapter is rediculous. Listen to what I wrote one time.

For A Beautiful Lady

I enjoy going deep with you
Into the heart of beauty
In your soul I see what's true
Precious like gold and ruby

You really mean the world to me
A friend that brings me pleasure
Inside your spirit I can see
A sweet and lovely treasure

I want to travel deeper still
Into your heart of splendor
So that my cup can overfill
And my heart become so tender

You're in my heart, you're in my life
I've always wanted someone like you
To be my companion and be my wife
Someone whose heart is true

Your Beauty cannot be priced
It worth more than all the world
For inside your heart I see the Christ
And a beautiful wonderful girl

Some people think that if you have had delusions before then you must be this violent person who sacrifices your only Son for blood to cover the sins of people. But this simply isn't true. I've had delusions before (I'm schizo-affective) but I've never hurt anybody physically or sacrificed my only son for blood. I have gotten pretty angry and screamed at people but I've never hurt anyone physically. I certainly have never done anything as crazy as sacrifice my only son for blood because I thought that it would take away the sins of people.