Friday, November 18, 2011

Cameron Todd Willingham

Dudley Sharp wrote:

Not suprising, with all that care and time, there is no evidence of an innocent executed since the 1930's.

It looks like about 25 actually innocent people have been sent to death row since 1973, or about 0.3% of the 8100 sent to death row during that time and they were all released on appeal

Really? What about Cameron Todd Willingham?


Leonhard said...

And is that the number of people exonerated post-execution, or the expected number of people was executed despite being innocent?

Anonymous said...

Why all the fuss about killing innocents? If they are Chritians, then they go to heaven - almost a favor. If they aren't Christians, then we give them time to repent and then kill them. So they choose whether they are going somewhere good or bad.

PhilosophyFan said...

Funny, no one who makes such an argument ever killed themselves a moment before.

dudleysharp said...

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PhilosophyFan said...

Based on that top article, it really sounds like he was not innocent at all.