Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hurtado on Scholarship and Personal Stakes

LH: Indeed, occasionally scholars make much of their departure from religious faith, sometimes even making that a major subject in its own right (I mention no names, as ask any comments to avoid doing so too).  But surely a moment’s reflection should indicate that there is no really neutral ground, and that those in negative reacion against their own faith are in danger of being unduly influenced (skewed?) in their work as any apologist for a given religious stance.


Anthony Fleming said...

One of my favorite works in NT scholarship is A Theology of the New Testament by George Eldon Ladd. I've read several works in systematic theology by some major authors and scholars but it seems some of the most critical problems are just "explained away."

The work of Ladd however does not ignore such difficulties. I even found myself disappointed with some parts of it as it did not "confirm" some ideas I wanted it to. I actually changed many of my Christian views later on. Anyway, it is a great work for those interested in New Testament studies. Be careful though, it is very deep.

Morrison said...

Well, its almost redundant to say so, but our old pal John Loftus provides a good example.

He clearly states in the biographical info of WIBA that TWO of the THREE main reasons he says he "deconverted" were emotional, not intellectual.

He still makes disparaging references about his family, whom he feels were "suspicious" of his motives and even goes so far as to post videos of his brother talking about his beliefs and then ridiculing them.

So, yeah, I would say personal stakes are involved in what he is doing. It was not all the result of some "outsider" test.

Morrison said...

And speaking of personal stakes, John L Loftus is at it again today on his blog, telling Victor that if he doesn't see the so called Outsider test John's way that Victor needs to SHUT UP.

The thing is, while he also claims that Victor is "inconsistent" John himself states...in the last chapter of WIBA...that "chance" is the ultimate explanation of your existence.

You see, John believes that all existence, life, mind, and reason itself are the product of mindless forces.

Of course, John knows he can not demonstrate this, even in principle.

He reliance on "empircism" thus can not answer the "ultimate" questions as he puts them.

But he continues to promote this view as if it is an explanation.

He hates Christianity so much...yep, and I mean hates...that he is more properly an ANTI THEIST than simply an ATHEIST.