Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ignorance about C. S. Lewis

Apparently, for some people, if you write children's books, it doesn't matter what else you say.


Leah said...

The link isn't working. I think the problem is on their end, since isn't loading, but FYI.

Tim said...

It's working for me now.

Nick said...

You know, if the liberal left want to say that we should disregard someone because they write books for children, well why not see how consistent they will be?

Anonymous said...


No need for any gratuitous slams against people you may disagree with. I myself am a proud member of the "liberal left", but I would be the last to disparage anyone for writing children's literature. In fact, I recently deccided to see what a list of my 100 favorite books were, and was surprised to see how many were "children's" literature, such as The Wind in the Willows, The Attic of the Wind", The Hobbit, etc.

In all probability, Richard Wollf's negative comment was due to his (probably justified) suspicion that the Narnia books were the ONLY C.S. Lewis that Ms. Palin had ever read, and not a blast against juvenile literature per se.

Nick said...

Bob. That would be the case had I been blasting someone for writing children's books. I'm not.

I'm saying that if someone wants to disregard someone entirely because they wrote children's books, then the favorite president of the left needs to be disregarded.

I have my issues with the current administration, but it is certainly not because Obama wrote a book for children. That is totally irrelevant to me.

Mr Veale said...


I really liked your blog! There's so much aggression on the internet, I was indescribably impressed by something so humble and open-minded. I'll be recommending it!


PS(I'm more or less on your boyfriend's side.)

Mr Veale said...

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