Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hurtado on the methods of Steven Carr

HT: Triablogue. Hurtado, who apparently is far from being a fundamentalist, nevertheless reacts harshly to some of Steven Carr's attacks on Scripture. It reminds me of some of the exchanges he has had here on DI.


Jake Elwood XVI said...

Wow I just read the link. Silly me, I was confused by Mr Carr's confidence, and that confidence meant that he had formal training in the field of biblical studies.

Anonymous said...

Bob Prokop writing:

That was the most elegant slapdown I've ever read! I'm glad somebody was able to say it. I was always searching for the right words with this guy, while trying to avoid just returning his nastiness.

Jake: Don't confuse confidence with pigheadedness. When a blogger endlessly repeats himself (as does S.C.), it's not worth responding to him. He's not interested in a conversation, discussion, debate, whatever. He's got one thing to say, and will accept nothing short of your total agreement with him.