Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bill Craig's Debate with Theodore Drange


Anonymous said...

Bob Prokop writing:

Victor, thanks for posting the link to this debate. I watched all eleven parts. I'm afraid Mr. Drange did not put forth a very good case. All of his objections to theism came off as whining that God wasn't acting the way he wanted him to, and therefore he refused to believe in him! As for Mr. Craig's presentation, he was certainly the more polished speaker, but I thought he didn't do his argument any good by veering now and then into naked proselytising. Also, I would have preferred him to have honestly responded to the Argument from Evil with a "we just don't know", rather than a Miltonic justification of the ways of God to man - it is not convincing.
But all in all, the debate was worth watching. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the format here was against Drange. Would have liked to see a better debate.