Monday, October 05, 2009

HMOs and assisted suicide

This is a paper that was given at a right-to-life meeting, and it is a case against an Oregon-style assisted suicide law. But look at what it says about the role HMOs play in protecting the sanctity of human life.

The death panels are already a reality.


Blue Devil Knight said...

Victor you are so naive. Obviously the government won't care about human life as much as the benevolent insurance companies.

I'm sick and tired of people treating the insurance companies as if they were mere businesses that put the bottom line above everything else, as if they literally performed economic calculations to determine whether someone should be helped.

Who will watch out for these unfairly maligned insurance executives? They clearly have our best interests at heart, while the government has only money on its mind so will gladly tell grandma to go die quietly and stop making a fuss. Click here for a poignant video on the plight of the insurance company executives.

What bugs me is not the vacuous arguments from the opponents, but that those in favor of overhauling health care have done such a crappy job demolishing said arguments. Obama did his best, but his style is a bit too cool and logical to pull public opinion.

Victor Reppert said...