Tuesday, August 04, 2009

They're all individuals over at Triablogue

I should point out that people who post on Triablogue are different people, and in fact the "point man" in the Calvinist dialogue we had a little over a year ago, Paul Manata, doesn't post there now.

I even heard once that one of the people who posts there is not a Calvinist, although Calvinism is the primary theological perspective of the blog, surely.


Ilíon said...

I used to casually browse Triablogue over a period of a couple of years. I didn't find the site objectionable … nor vicious, as some Niceanity worshippers accuse them of being. It was only after I “met” Mr Manata on your blog that I had any issue of that sort with the Triabloguers.

Jason Pratt said...

Paul and I have always gotten along pretty well, despite our theological differences. {shrug} I wonder where he's posting now. (Mental note to write up and ask him.)

Meanwhile: worshippers who take seriously the Nicean Creed and make a point of rigorously affirming and not denying trinitarianism == Niceanity. I rather like the sound of that, actually. {g} Goes with the whole "God is essentially love" uniqueness of trinitarian theology.

(Even though the Nicean defenders weren't always, or even usually, especially nice. Sad irony there. Not entirely their fault, but they could have done better, too. Still, I'm grateful for their efforts. {s})


Ilíon said...

Pratt: "Meanwhile: worshippers who take seriously the Nicean Creed and make a point of rigorously affirming and not denying trinitarianism == Niceanity."

I (of course) knew there was the danger of that particular misunderstanding. Though, in your case, I strongly suspect the "misunderstanding" is deliberate.

(As I am confident that you fully understand) My scornful term "Niceanity" has nothing to do with the Nicean Creed, but rather with those who have have replaced Christ with "Niceness."

Jason Pratt said...

Yes, Il, I know. I was employing this thing called 'irony'; since, after all, I've been accused by some Christians myself (including by Steve Hays at Triablogue as well as some non-Calvinists of my acquaintance) of promoting Niceanity (in your "scornful" sense) when actually I was promoting Niceanity (in the sense of rigorous adherence to orthodox trinitarian theism.) Indeed, this happens with such tiresome regularity that I thought your scornful label made for a pun so nifty that I'm seriously thinking of using it myself in the future when that situation comes up again. (Which from long experience I fully expect it will.)

But yes, there are Christians who are only (or mainly) interested in promoting Nice-anity in your scornful sense, too. I apologize for not acknowledging that, when making my joke.

Those are obviously not the only people, though, who "accuse" members of the Triablogue site of being objectionably vicious. I recall hearing recently of someone very clearly not a proponent of Nice-anity (in your scornful sense), who even reports having issues of that sort with Mr. Manata, for example (a Triabloguer I've never had any personal problems with myself).

I could give you this fellow's contact information for verification, if you like. {g} I think you'd like him a lot--even though he can be kind of testy sometimes. {s}