Monday, May 18, 2009

A debate about astrology

Here's a debate about astrology. I have severe doubts that stars can cause effects on earth in the way that astrology says that they must. Knowing how things work in the world, when the moon's being in the seventh house, And Jupiter aligns with Mars, it is highly unlikely that peace will steer the planets or love will steer the stars.

It's George Strait time once again.

if you'll buy that
I got some oceanfront property in Arizona
From my front porch you can see the sea
I got some oceanfront property in Arizona
If you'll buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate in free

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Anonymous said...

Victor - the relationship in astrology is one of synchronicity between the stars/planets and the self; it is not causal, and the more sophisticated practitioners have always taught this - as above, so below. Read Richard Tarnas' _Cosmos and Psyche_. Tarnas is a professor of philosophy and psychology. I personally think that the book will blow you away. It is certainly the most powerful defense of the reality of astrology available. You are sure to appreciate some of the points he makes in his critique of materialism.