Saturday, April 25, 2009

ET phone home---to Satan??

“I have become thoroughly convinced that UFOs are real....I believe these beings are not only extraterrestrial but supernatural in origin. To be blunt, I think they are demons.”
- Hal Lindsey


Martin Gamble said...

Maybe he is saying that because so many people have made a religion out of UFOs. They want to be saved by some advanced extraterrestrial civilization.
My faith does not preclude intelligent lifeforms on other planets. But I don't see why they would come all the way here just to play tricks on us! :)

Gregory said...

UFO's are simply "unidentified flying objects". Why UFO's have become synonymous with Wellsian "War of the Worlds" scenarios is something that the psychologist and sociologist is better able to answer.

However, most--if not all--of the so-called "UFO's" are actually ordinary objects, like Frisbees and Nerf footballs; which happened to be recorded on video at a certain time, and in a certain way. So when somebody is watching the video in playback, it looks like some mysterious object is flying incandescently through the air.

So, as research was done on these kinds of phenomenon, in most cases, it was discovered that the UFO was either light, some human artifact, or a combination of both. In such cases where the unidentified object went from being "unidentified" to being "identified", it [the unknown object] went from UFO status to IFO status (i.e. Identified Flying Object...or IFO).

Now getting back to Hal:

Is Hal Lindsey meaning to say that it is actually Satan who has thrown a "hail Mary" when the Nerf football happened to be caught on tape??

And why does he keep calling it a "UFO"? Hasn't he already identified these "objects" as demons?? What gives???

I guess that if somebody is willing to believe that Revelation 9:6-10 is a literal description of Apache Attack Helicopters, then I suppose that such a person is willing to believe almost anything.note: This is not an ad hominem argument so much as it is a punchline.

Gordon Knight said...

I remember reading Hal Lindsey, _The Late Great Planet Earth_ as a kid, I thought it was great then

I also remember reading a book called _God Flies a flying saucer_

ah, to live in the hey day of _Chariots of the Gods_

Victor Reppert said...

The actually made a movie out of the LGPE. But it makes a better case for atheism than The God Delusion.

Gregory said...


That's too funny.

You guys need to do some Stand-Up Comedy at the Stoa.

It could be called "Live From the Porch...." or something.

Gordon Knight said...

sounds like a beer and popcorn movie

Gregory said...

And it sounds like the subject of a book that Mr. Reppert could write. It can be called:

"The Cerebral Apocalypse and the 'End Times' for Common Sense"And it could also be made into Michael Moore type of documentary. And during interviews with dispensational advocates, Victor could wear a T-shirt that reads "I'm with stupid", with multiple arrows pointing in all directions.

Drop him off with a cameraman at some "Eschatology" conferences and let the Q&A begin.