Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christian Atheism?

Thomas J. J. Altizer's book The Gospel of Christian Atheism is online.

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Shackleman said...

Well now. That was profoundly disturbing. Maybe even one of the most profane and strange things I've ever read.

So let me try to summarize this:

-God is Jesus
-Jesus is love
-but simultaneously Jesus is actually Satan
-Since Satan/God/Jesus died on the cross, God is dead
-Since Satan/God/Jesus is dead, sin is forgotten
-Further, since Satan/God/Jesus effectively killed himself, it was the ultimate act of purley selfless love
-Therefore Satan is pure love and in killing himself, he has made humanity the new God/Satan
-Now that we're liberated from Satan/God/Jesus, and we are now the true God/Satan/Jesus now's a REALLY good time to party.

Um, wtf? (forgive the sophomoric vernacular there, but I fail to imagine a more appropriate response).

If the "radical Christians" (as the author of this blasphemy calls himself) is right, and therefore they think I'm just deluding myself by being a "traditional" Christian, then please never allow me to awaken from my delusion to this utter nightmare of a reality. For if I did, and reality is what they say it is, I'd likely kill myself. And I'm being serious. It's no wonder Nietzsche went crazy, because this us utterly insane profanity!

I would take strong-atheism (which is the view I formerly held) over this debauchery any day of the week. It's really breathtakingly disturbing.