Monday, April 21, 2008

This was the discussion on Pharyngula prior to PZ's debate with Menuge

Good grief. Why agree to debate if this is your attitude.


Timothy David said...

Was this debate recorded as an audio or video file? If so, is it available anywhere?

Victor Reppert said...

I haven't found out about any audio file or recording. But then they just had the debate!

The Uncredible Hallq said...


Much of the point of the post was to complain about inexplicably bad ad copy, which presumably wasn't part of the deal PZ signed on to. It's a little unfair to blame an entire group for what was presumably the mistake of one or two idiots, but the frustration is understandable.

Victor Reppert said...

There was some C. S. Lewis-bashing without so much as even a reference to Beversluis's critique.

Don't overlook comment #27 by Myers himself:

PZM: Actually, I find Menuge so irrelevant and clueless that I plan to go in and talk about just neuroscience. I can't believe he'll be so foolish as to wander in and start babbling about C.S. Lewis...but then, I have been surprised by the depths of absurdity to which Disco Boys will sink before.

I see nothing but horse laughs on the entire thread. The attitudes reflected here are just cannon fodder for Ben Stein, so far as I am concerned.