Monday, March 10, 2008

For and against capital punishment


Ilíon said...

The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment the page purports this to be C.S. Lewis' thoughts (that is, I recognize that anyone can claim anything on the internet). I don't recall reading this piece in any of the (few) collections of Lewis' works I've read. I'm certainly no Lewis scholar, but it does sound to me like Lewis.

Ilíon said...

addendum: I don't at all mean to make an "Argument By Appeal to Lewis."

The argument in that article has it right and can stand on its own regardless of its authorship.

Of course, if it was not written by Lewis, it is reprehensible for whomever to have first presented it as such. I have no reason to doubt that these are Lewis' thoughts. But I also recognize that this page is just something hosted on "AngelFire;" since I don't recall reading this article in any "authoritative" collection of Lewis' works, I do recognize that this *may* be someone trying to cover his own thoughts with Lewis' mantle.

Victor Reppert said...

This piece is in God in the Dock. It is actually a well-known essay.

Ilíon said...

Oh, man, I'm slipping in my old age! I can almost always remember having read something if I encounter it again (and I have read 'God in the Dock').

Well, at least I recognized that it *sounds* like Lewis.