Monday, January 28, 2008

Wright on Lewis the apologist

N. T. Wright: Lewis has indeed built a fine building with lots of splendid features, and many people have been properly and rightly attracted to buy up apartments in it and move in. Some parts of the building have remained in great shape, and are still well worth inhabiting. But I fear that those who move in to other parts will find that the foundations are indeed shaky, and that the roof leaks a bit.

VR: Why should anyone expect an apologetic mansion in perfect repair from a mid-century popular apologist? If Wright's criticisms are all that is wrong with the trilemma argument, it's in pretty good shape.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, where did you find that quote by NT Wright? I'm assuming his comment was in the context of discussing the trilemma? Or could he have been referring to some other argument?

Victor Reppert said...

The essay is found here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, I really enjoy your blog! :)

Edwardtbabinski said...

Vic should ask N.T. Wright which parts of Lewis's apologetics he finds most deficient.

Interestingly, Wright admitted experiencing "huge upheavals" as a Christian that resulted from deeping theological/historical studies of the Bible. (Did C. S. Lewis or Vic experience "huge upheavals" as a result of biblical/theological studies as Wright admits experiencing below?):

"...The Jesus I have discovered through historical research is certainly not the reflection of my own face...Nor is he the Jesus I expected or wanted to find when I began this work nearly twenty years ago. Studying Jesus has been the occasion for huge upheavals in my personal life, my spirituality, my theology, and my psyche. The good news is that this has been a healing, though deeply challenging and often wounding, process."
SOURCE: N. Thomas Wright, "Jesus and the Identity of God" (Originally published in Ex Auditu 1998, 14, 42–56.)

Will Vaus said...

Readers of your blog may be interested to know that I presented a paper on Wright and Lewis at the recent Lewis Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. That paper may be accessed here: