Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Richard Dawkins and the Argument from Reason

Geoff Robinson wrote:

I had the opportunity to pose comments to Dawkins while he was in Philadelphiaon his book tour. I am a relatively well-read layman, but color me unimpressed. I pointed out several inconsistencies. Among which he chose to respond to the Argument from Reason. And, frankly, his response was pretty much "I'm not sure why this is a problem."

That's funny. Darwin could see a problem. How come Dawkins can't?


Jason Pratt said...

Incidentally, Bill has a good little report up (at the Cadre here) on Mr. D's interesting reply to an audience question about determinism and ethics--not unrelated to him running aground on certain variants of the AfR.

Blue Devil Knight said...

I wish we had the actual comment and reply. This tells us very little.

I guess I'm cranky tonight. :O