Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cursed are the peacemakers?

Ben Witherington critiques a twisted an unbiblical Christian perspective. It reminds me of James Watt, the Reagan secretary of the interior, who said that there was no need for environmental preservation since Jesus is coming soon, after all.


Anonymous said...

James Watt didn't say that. It was reported that he said it a few years ago when Bill Moyers wrote it, but it was a made-up quote (by someone else, not Moyers). Moyers apologized, and retracted it. In fact, Watt said pretty much the opposite: we need to be more environmentally conscious in order to leave a better world for the next generation. Not that I'm defending Watt in general, but it was used as an anti-Christian polemic at the time.


Victor Reppert said...

I'm relying on a 26-year-old memory, so that may very well be.