Thursday, November 08, 2007

C. S. Lewis on Torture

Calling the Bush administration:

"The identity, or close connection between the Fairies and the dead
was certainly believed in, for witches confessed to seeing the dead
among the Fairies. Answers to leading questions under torture
naturally tell us nothing about the beliefs of the accused; but they
are good evidence for the beliefs of the accusers."

_The Discarded Image_, p. 137 (near end of chap. 5)

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Ben Z said...

Two points to consider:
1) Terrorists will not get out of their situation by lying. The witches might have had strong reason to make stuff up in hopes of getting out of their situation.

2) Information gained under torture (today's torture being much different, I presume, from what they did to Witches) may either be true or false. The information gained, whether true or false, can be reflected on known information and would not have been gained without torture. Thus, torture in gaining information may be a useful tool.