Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In Defense of Natural Theology

Doug Groothuis, one of the co-editors of the book, has a blog entry about the new book on natural theology. As you can see, I have an essay in there, on guess what argument.

I just received the book today and it looks really good. It is a response to the charge that Hume destroyed natural theology once and for all. But I was slightly disappointed that the book never mentioned the Dennett Lexicon entry for Hume:

hume, pron. (1) Indefinite personal and relative pronoun, presupposing no referent. Useful esp. in writing solipsistic treatises, sc. "to hume it may concern." v. (2) To commit to the flames, bury, or otherwise destroy a philosophical position, as in "That theory was humed in the 1920s." Hence, exhume, v. to revive a position generally believed to humed.

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Joshua Rasmussen said...

Nice to find your blog. I helped with Garry's chapter on Kalam... I'm just a beginner though.