Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Evidential Argument from Evil

This anthology, edited by Daniel Howard-Snyder, is pretty much required reading when it comes to present-day discussions of the problem of evil. It contains an important essay by Plantinga and some critical dialogue on both sides.

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Steven Carr said...

Howard-Snyder writes 'Mackie's aim was to "disprove" theism, and thus to show that theistic belief is "positively irrational."

Have theists come up with a rational solution to the logical problem of evil, one that cannot also be used to show that it is 'rational' to believe that people only have one leg?

Logical consistency does not necessarily equal rationality.

Have theists even come up with a logically consistent defense to the logical problem of evil?

I have an entry at which is a short story exploring certain ideas on the subject.