Thursday, August 18, 2005

A note from Rasmus EmilMoller on natural-born dualists

I was going through some old e-mail and found this item from Rasmus Emil-Moller. Is dualism a natural belief, like Hume would say that belief in cause and effect is a natural belief? Is it natural to believe in God?

Hello Mr. Reppert,

I have followed with great interest the apologetic debate a while ago in
alt.books.cs-lewis and followed the lead to the dangerousidea blog.

You might already have heard of this essay "Natural-born dualists" by Paul
Bloom, himself a materialist admirably facing the certain and permanent failure of
convincing the general populace of what he thinks is the truth.

I recommend it and find it relevant to your blog:

I am myself a traditional protestant (resurrection of flesh AND soul)
- I majored in science and engineering - though disagreeing with
Mr. Blooms materialistic views, I am pleasantly surprised with his
respect for and understanding of the reasons why people
in general will never accept those views.

I believe that C. S. Lewis would not at all be surprised to learn
that science would one day find evidence that dualism is deeply
and inextricably innate to us instead of being indoctrinated upon us :)

We did not invent "God(s)" and souls; on the contrary I (personally)
see those findings as evidence of our true origins.


Rasmus Møller

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