Friday, December 10, 2021

Ross Douthat's Anti-Abortion Case


Believe it or not, this was published in the eeevil New York Times. 


bmiller said...

NYT is not only eeevil, it requires a subscription to read.

bmiller said...

It's nonsense to assert that only the religious oppose abortion:

The Secular Case against Abortion

Victor Reppert said...

Find me a pro-choice essay from a right-wing news source. I'll bet you can't.

Fair and balanced?

We report you decide?

bmiller said...

I see. So you finally admit that NYT is a left-wing news source.

Do any right-wing newspapers even exist?

bmiller said...

But if you want fair and balanced, here is the historical liberal lineup at Fox News (at a minimum):

Current Non-Opinion liberal onair talent:
Bret Baier, Chris Wallace,

Current Opinion liberal onair talent:
Juan Williams, Harold Ford Jr., Jessica Tarlov

Former liberal paid contributors:
Al Sharpton, Dennis Kucinich, Julie Rogensky Sheppard Smith, Donna Brazille, Bob Beckle

AFAIK, they were not prohibited from providing the left-wing view of abortion. How about the rest of MSM TV?

bmiller said...

But fair and balanced really means listening to both sides and sifting through the propaganda.

bmiller said...

Furthermore, regarding crazy leftist climate hysteria, THIS is what I know your aim is. Eveeel doesn't even begin to describe it.

Victor Reppert said...

When I watch MSNBC, the place is crawling with conservatives. Joe Scarborough, Nicolle Wallace, Susan Del Percio, all the Lincoln Project people they have on. Bunch of right-wingers.

Kevin said...

Scarborough is the only one of those names I recognize. To call him a conservative and a right winger is no longer accurate, as the definitions have shifted past his conservatism from back in the 90s and 00s. The Republicans left him behind. Conservative audiences left him behind. Not that this in of itself is a negative on him, mind you.

In today's political climate he would be a solid centrist who sometimes makes sense to the less partisan elements of both sides. Reminds me in a way of Bill Maher, who used to be considered very left wing but has himself been left behind by progressives and routinely trashes their extremism and attracts praise from the right for sometimes sounding sane in doing so.

Give me someone who criticizes both sides of the aisle and you've given me someone I will pay attention to.

bmiller said...

All those named MSNBC people are pro abortion.