Friday, September 03, 2021

The fine-tuning design argument

The fine tuning design argument appeals to conditions at the Big Bang. Many people explain design by evolution, but the Fine Tuning version of the design argument appeals to conditions prior to the occurrence of any evolution whatsoever. So, the atheist has to rebut this one some other way. 

See here. 


Martin Cooke said...

Fine Tuning arguments seem to rely on the Standard Model of particle physics, which assumes Einsteinian spacetime. But a funny thing has been happening with Einsteinian spacetime: the discovery of dark matter, which looks a bit like the "discovery" of the planet Vulcan (and the failure to actually discover Vulcan was part of the reason for the original success of Einsteinian spacetime).

One Brow said...

I agree there is no way to rebut fine tuning. There is also no way to support it. Ultimately it is discussing natural propositions that can't be examined or tested. We don't have any way of knowing what would would happen in certain cosmological constants changed, because we can't change them to be sure. We can only guess, based on theories that were created within our current set of constants.

Starhopper said...

Fine tuning arguments are similar to discussions about the so-called multiverse. Neither is true science, because neither is falsifiable.