Friday, September 11, 2020

Who are the police defunders?

 Republicans keep accusing Democrats of wanting to defund the police. But Biden, in particular, has been crystal clear about his opposition to violence. And his running mate has spent most of her career putting people in jail. So, you have Biden saying that he opposes defunding the police, and wants more money devoted to them because better police training will prevent police brutality, and that takes funding. You have the Republicans refusing to fund state and local government, which is causing a money crunch for the very entities who FUND the police. Republicans TALK about Democrats wanting to defund the police, but they are not helping state and local governments because they don't like the ideology of governors and mayors. But state and local government is how police get funded. Period. There's no other way they get funded. The pandemic has created a fiscal crisis for state and local government, and while the Democratic House has passed legislation supporting state and local government, the Republican Senate under Mitch McConnell has said no. So, let me ask again, who are the real defunders of the police?

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Starhopper said...

"Defund the Police" has got to be the dumbest political slogan since... well, since ever. The obvious (and quite dishonest) rejoinder is "Defend the Police". This was an unforced error, or as they say in European football, an "own goal".

A far more effective slogan would have been something like "Reimagine the Police". No one could (easily) distort that into something never intended by those saying it.