Thursday, August 16, 2018

I always think I'm right. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

People sometimes criticize others because they "always think they're right. But don't we always think we're right? If we don't think we're right, we change our minds. Then, we think we are right about that.


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you are right, I think.

Starhopper said...

I recall when Ilion wrote on this site, "I once thought I was wrong about something, but it turned out I was wrong." Or something like that.

Kevin said...

I once asked my daughter, "If you successfully attempt to fail, did you succeed or did you fail?" My answer was a look of irritation and subsequently getting ignored. Some aren't meant for philosophy I guess.

Unknown said...

Are you right?

Limited Perspective said...

"I recall when Ilion wrote on this site, 'I once thought I was wrong about something, but it turned out I was wrong." Or something like that.'"

I miss the old Bob/Ilion interactions. Goodness, you guys could sure insult each other.

I was walking through one of my client's break rooms today and something like the Jerry Springer Show was on (I guess the format has grown). I was proud of myself for being above the whole "he said/she said." Then I realized I had a guilty pleasure of enjoying the insults of the Bob and Ilion interactions. Lord help me, I'm a sinful man.

Admittedly, I mostly sided with Troy in the debates. Where are you Ilion? Things have gotten boring around here.

Starhopper said...

He's still active over on his own blog. I lurk there now and then.

Starhopper said...

My attention has been called (in an article in The Atlantic) to this remarkable book review, which is all about our current president without ever once mentioning his name. And apparently that was actually the author's intent.

Truly a masterpiece!

John Mitchel said...

Is this not a problem similar to the preface paradox ?

"An author has written a book that contains many assertions, and has factually checked each one carefully, submitted it to reviewers for comment, etc. Thus, he has reason to believe that each assertion he has made is true.

However, he knows, having learned from experience, that, despite his best efforts, there are very likely undetected errors in his book. So he also has good reason to believe that there is at least one assertion in his book that is not true."

Limited Perspective said...

Where else can I go on the internet to learn that Trump is Hitler, Adam Schiff will save democracy, and the Russians control U.S. elections?

I mean really, where else? On the internet?

Hal said...

Don't see a problem here. What a statement or expression means is not always identical with what a speaker means by its use.
Typically, one means that a particular person is an arrogant, intellectual pighead when accusing him of always thinking he is right.

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