Wednesday, March 15, 2017

risky business

It does look like a historical fact that the disciples went very quickly from giving up on Jesus to saying he was resurrected. If we are skeptics about the resurrection, do we need an explanation for this? This is very risky behavior, telling people who just got someone crucified that they were wrong, and that God vindicated Jesus by raising him from the dead.


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Christianity in the age of Trump

Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Metacrock's blog

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Dr. Repert what do you think of the argumnet that there was not enough tine for myth to develop??I think myth could develop imn one day but the real question would be how long it would take for it to be standardized. I like Craig's argument about the phrase":om the third day: that's the kind of standardization I think takes time and indicates a very early part of the story.

Dr. Reppert I would also like to know what you think are the strongest arguments for the Res?

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evolutionary development of The God concept

Dr. Reppert i am truley sorry for killing your blog. U wont post here again. you can all come back.

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Trump's Reason of Sate argumemt: foundation of idolatry