Sunday, March 08, 2015

Is this an orientation?

Much has been made of Richard Carrier's announcement that he is polyamorous. What interests me, however, is that he describes this as "an orientation" and uses the language of coming out. It seems to justify a concern of mine that other "orientations" can ride piggy-back on the rights recently gained for LGBTs and claim rights for themselves. And where does it stop?


Ape in a Cape said...

There you go Richard, thinking with your namesake again (Dick).

Given this not so startling revelation, it might be more appropriate for him to begin authoring any new books under a different name: STD Carrier.


Dan Gillson said...

I'm not surprised that he would justify himself this way, but what interests me is that in the comments Dick uses the language of identity to play the victim. ("How dare you judge me. This is who I am!") Wait. On second thought, I'm not surprised.

Hiya Ape. Whereceived have you been lurking recently?

Dan Gillson said...

What the deuce is up with auto-correct?

Ape in a Cape said...

Hi Dan,

Nice to hear from you. This ape tends not to lurk so much as trying to find time to swing from tree to tree.

Yes, the identity card is hardly surprising. I wonder if the same credence should also be afforded to paraphiliacs? Really, it seems to me that polyamory is just the current meme for a socially acceptable way to legitimize fornication – twenty first century pluralism in the bedroom. Or perhaps just pluraljism?


Dan Gillson said...


Anonymous said...

So being attracted to several women is an "orientation" now? Awesome! Where do I go to get my Oppressed Sexual Minority Victimhood Card?

Benjamin Thompson said...

Don't blame Carrier, he was born this way. And everyone knows we can't change anything we are born with and so we can't be held responsible. Why pedophiles can't use this excuse I don't know.