Sunday, July 13, 2014

What kind of a person do you want to be?

A post by Unkle E, a frequent commenter here.


DougJC said...

"Christians can try similar gambits, though I haven’t come across anything stronger"

Immorality. There is no stronger accusation implied or explicit than that a person's belief is fundamentally a consequence of immorality. Accusations of irrationality, delusion or insanity do not usually rise to that level.

"Psychologists suggest several reasons why people insult those they disagree with"

It seems to me the most important reason is not mentioned. War. If the existence of Christianity or atheism represents a threat to one's group, it is natural to attack with all means on all fronts.

Christians and atheists who have not trained for battle, donned their colors, raised their flag proudly, and marched into battle side by side with friends of like faith see no threat in each other's existence, only ways to illuminate and understand ourselves and the ultimate nature of existence.

World of Facts said...

Thanks for linking to this article; interesting read!