Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What "The Fundamentals" Actually Said about Evolution


The fundamentalism of "The Fundamentals" is not what you saw at the Scopes trial.


Ilíon said...

There is very little that "everyone knows" about the Fundamentalists that is actually true.

Ilíon said...

"Modern evolutionary speculations have not made much real progress overthose of the ancients."

Indeed. That's why I moke it as 'modern evolutionary theory' -- for, as was said of the Holy Roman Empire, that it was neither 'holy' nor 'Roman' nor an 'empire', so too with 'modern evolutionary theory': it is neither 'modern' nor 'evolutionary' nor a scientific 'theory'.

"It is, therefore, impossible to get any such proof of evolution as shall seriously modify our conception of Christianity. ... We cannot banish God from the universe without first stultifying ourselves and reducing man's free will to the level of a mere mechanical force. But man is more than that; and this everyone knows."

Indeed. The human being, in his fullness as a human being, is the proof that God IS: to deny that God IS is to deny that oneself is.