Sunday, April 08, 2012

An Interview with Tim McGrew for Easter


Papalinton said...

Yes,I listened to the interview. None of what McGrew alludes to would be considered evidence by Bart Erhman, one of many outstanding scholars of whom I am aware and have read, about easter.

McGrew's revisionism is apologetics gone feral. Have a look at Dominic McCrossan, or Burton Mack, or any of Bart Erhman's contributions to get behind the apologetical smokescreen.

Crude said...

Dominic McCrossan

:D :D :D

Never change, Linton. Wait, you'd need to read and think for yourself to do that, so that won't be happening anyway!

Right now, Ehrman's got his hands full arguing with Christ mythicists. Smacking down Carrier, pissing off Coyne. It's a laugh.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

Fun fact when I first encountered Paps over at Biologos. He cited the work of a Christ mythicist to me. Some piano teacher turned amateur archeologist(I forgot his name) who claimed the town of Nazareth didn't exist in the early first century.

It was funny.