Friday, September 23, 2011

How did the Diamondbacks go from worst to first in the NL West?

Maybe it has something to do with their manager. You get a lot of street cred for something like this, the most dramatic finish to a World Series in living memory. (Except maybe another game-winning hit by another injured outfielder, Luis Gonzalez).


B. Prokop said...

Whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with The Almighty. Unless the Orioles are involved, He doesn't have a dog in the fight!

Bilbo said...

The evil Orioles who kept the blessed Tigers from repeating in '69? I think not.

However, I think we know when to expect the Second Coming.

BTW, Gibby was a Tiger, first and last. That Dodger thing was just a brief interruption.

Victor Reppert said...

Yes, and Trammell is on the coaching staff of the Diamondbacks also.

As for the Almighty being an Orioles fan, I would have to say that that's the best argument for atheism I've heard in a long time. They haven't done much since Ripken retired.

B. Prokop said...

Banish this blasphemer to the outer darkness! May his name be cut off from the people!!!

erik said...

As a sabermetrics dork, I would say that it's not likely to be the manager who deserves all the credit. I'll have to find the article, but the stat geeks say that a manager's in-game decisions at best either add or subtract 3 wins per season. Now, of course math can't measure some of the human element of how they manage the players.

I would say the Dbacks' success is due to them having a weak schedule, a decent bit of luck, and they made some good moves to shore up their pitching. That, and Justin Upton is a monster.

I'm glad they are in the playoffs. I'm a Cardinal fan who is hoping on a wing and a prayer. (Puns!)

Keen Reader said...