Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feser on Not Understanding the Cosmological Argument

HT: Tim McGrew


GREV said...

One thing I like about Feser's comments is I am finally getting a line on what appears to be a good defense of atheism.

Tired of much of the stuff out there and would like to read something designed to make a person think.

Dave Duffy said...

The Cosmological Argument is the perfect example for those of us trying to understand the world of ideas with our primary focus on our economic and relational responsibilities. At first the idea gives us great hope in supporting our faith in a hostile world. Next, we read the counter-arguments and begin to question the faith. Then, we read how the counter-arguments have flaws or some misunderstanding of the ideas.

In the end we are left feeling very human and very ignorant…now back to my teenage boys, my paperwork to keep my business going during this recession, and what is it that I forgot? Oh I remember, the faith. said...

The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Albert Einstein proved that essentially everything is made up of energy.

Matter is energy just a different form of it.

So energy can be converted, But it cannot be created or destroyed which shows that the universe

is really energy converted into matter and other forms of energy.

God spoke, and from those words the "stuff" of some of his essence was converted and what we see in the universe is the

evidence that has been left from that moment.

The big bang was not energy suddenly exploding from a single point, as energy cannot be created, First law of thermodynamics.

Intelligent design advocate Stephen Meyer, and his book of DNA and the evidence of Intelligent design shows the

staggering complexity within the cell, leading us to the simple and logical conclusion that God truly left his

Signature in the cell, and not unlike the cell, God also has left his signature in the laws of thermodynamics as well.

The energy that caused the big bang has a source, as stated previously energy cannot be created.

In any debate against God, you will always hear the argument, If God created the universe then who created him?

It's a circular argument, based in a false assumption that God needed a creator.

Then you have the argument, which God is the true God?..

But overall, it's an argument based in ignorance, due to the facts of the First law of thermodynamics which

prove God was never created, nor can be destroyed, and the Holy Bible is the source of information that leads us to the attributes of the True God that happens to match up with the very laws of thermodynamics that he created.

People visualize the big bang as this massive explosion that caused chaos and disorganization, The big bang is really a term that mocks the creator of the universe, who created seemingly from nothing.( but that is only from our limited point of view)

But because we know energy cannot be created, we know that somewhere beyond this universe is a form of energy

that was never created and can never be destroyed, because the energy we see had to have an origin and since it had to

have an origin then what we see around us is a conversion of energy NOT THE SOURCE or the origin of it.

Due to this fundamental law of energy, we find the law itself holds the key to it's Creator.

“The Lord shall endure forever” (Psalm 9:7)

Who liveth forever and ever” (Revelation 4:9)

“From everlasting to everlasting You are God” (Psalm 90:2)

God is eternal, and the substance of himself speaking formed the universe and his signature is in the very laws

and in all things created.

God is greater than the universe, Take a look around you and see that the energy it took to form the whole universe were words out of his mouth, the conversion of energy, because energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be converted.

God, is far greater than anything we can ever imagine.

God is provable in the 1st law of thermodynamics.

For God never had a beginning and God is eternal, just as energy.

The Bible says no one has seen God and lived , no one can fathom an energy source that is All Powerful, Eternal

The Bible states the universe was spoken into existence, we could not stand near our own sun without melting into oblivion, yet the sun is minor in comparison to the universe and the universe are but words spoken, from a being far beyond our wildest imaginations.

God left his signature in the very laws we have discovered, the first law of thermodynamics