Monday, August 26, 2013

Heard from a Quad Preacher back when I was at the University of Illinois

A redated post.

Do they still have the fire-and-brimstone quad preachers that always get a big crowd around?

Back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, God had all the homosexuals in one place. So he smote them with fire and brimstone. Now, they're spread all over the world. So he sent AIDS.


Dustin Crummett said...

At William and Mary they still do.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Rare at Duke, unfortunately :(

B. Prokop said...

Thanks for posting this, Victor! It brought back to memory all the preachers on the campus of Arizona State University back in the '70s - mostly around the big fountain near the Student Union (I wonder if that's still there?). There was one in particular I can recall who was a real stem-winding fire and brimstone type of guy. And there were always two or three people quietly handing out copies of The Catholic Worker up at the north end of the main walkway between the buildings, not far from University Blvd. I credit them for my being a Dorothy Day variety Catholic today.