Sunday, October 14, 2007

Down they go Rockies 4 Diamondbacks 1

I will root for these guys in the Series in the very likely circumstance that they win this. Some are asking whether the Rockies will lose another game in 2007. The power of momentum is incredible.


Error said...

I'm a Padres fan, I've been rooting for the Rockies ever since they beat us in extra innings... wait 'til next year!

Victor Reppert said...

If the Rockies finish as World Series champions, that game will rank as one of the greatest baseball games ever played, alongside, well, game 7 of the 2001 World Series.

Error said...


And, nice call on the '01 world series. That was my favorite WS ever. Me and some buddies watched every game, rooting for the D-backs all the way. Padres fan, N.L. West fan, N.L. fan, in that order.

Error said...

And, let's not forget that if it wasn't for Tony Gwynn Jr. getting that rbi off Hoffy in the 9th, we would of had the wild card and the Rockies wouldn't have even made it in. That's like Baseball's Butterfly Effect. :-)

philip m said...

That game was amazing.

In the middle of August as I was perusing the paper, I noticed the Rockies were 5-6 games out of the wild card. I had always liked the Rockies, so as I looked at the standings I was hoping they would make it. Because of this their run has seemed surreal. Thirteen wins in the last fourteen season games to tie for the wild card, three runs in the bottom of the 12th(?)to win the extra game, and an undefeated postseason thus far...

Remarkable. And they are 27th on the MLB payroll list with $40.8 million (about half of which goes to Todd Helton). Nice to know the teams with the money don't always win.

Victor Reppert said...

I'd go D-backs fan, NL West fan, NL fan, Yankee hater, in that order.

Victor Reppert said...

The other tremendous turning point was the day they threw Peavy at the Diamondbacks with three days rest and our guys bombed him.

philip m said...

Personally I am an Indians fan. It doesn't make sense to me to root for your division once your team loses. Aren't those teams considered your team's rivals?

Error said...


There are many reasons to root for your division

a) it's your division! :-)

b) If your division goes to the WS you can say your team played in the toughest division. For example, as a Padres fan, I can say that the Rockies were the team to take us out, and they're WS champs (granting that they win).

c) Rooting for divsion/league keeps it in the family. Seems like you'd like to keep the WS trophie in the National League. I'm just not an A.L. guy.

d) I have an objective rooting method. I know who to root for in almost any circumstance

i) My team as far as they can go.

ii) Whoever helps my team (and *in this case* that could be an A.L. team. Say, the Yanks against the D-backs in the regular season... I go Yanks).

iii) If my team doesn't make it to the post season, I can pick an N.L. west team (if there's two).

iv) If my team makes it into the playoffs and loses, then I root for the team that beat my team in the playoffs.

v) If the N.L. west isn't in it anymore, I can pick from the remaining N.L. teams.

vi) At the WS, I go with the N.L.

E) The players (at least many of them I've heard) talk this way too. If you're going to get beat, it might as well be by the best. If it's not by the best, it may as well be by the team that was only beat by the best, so on and so on.

Anyway, that's my breakdown :-)