Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More on abusing theists

After having criticized "the new atheism" I must indicate further that I am dismayed by the statements by philosophers quoted in the Triablogue post--specifically the comments of Sinnott-Armstrong and David Lewis. Comparing atheists to Nazis? Philosophers should know better, or should they?

Is there some dialogue within the atheist community on this sort of thing?


Jason Pratt said...

I bet. {wry s}

Personally I prefer to give atheists credit on things, so far as I can. Which is why I like to quip that I'm a Christian because I believe in atheists. {g}

(Also, this generates some of the most amusing material; such as when I go to the trouble of titling a post 'X is not Socratic Cole Slaw', and then he proceeds for the next few weeks to treat me in high umbridge as though I had said he _was_ a Socratic cabbage. Clearly he was expecting me to have called him a Nazi or something like that instead...)


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Victor Reppert said...

I meant to say, of course, comparing Christians to Nazis. Thanks, Steve Hays.