Wednesday, August 24, 2005

With Christians like these, who needs atheists

So Pat Robertson wants the US to perform a covert operation to "take out" Hugo Chavez, and he recommends this by announcing it on his nationally televized 700 Club????? Besides being highly un-Christian and un-biblical, this is just incredibly stupid.


Jason said...

Send forth the Christian ninjas!!


(...what? we don't get ninjas...?)

Btw, sorry I've been just about completely out of pocket this week; which looks likely to continue through next week at least. (Editing + 'work' work.) Anyone interested in continuing a discussion from last week, is welcome to send emails, though.


Mike D said...

I suspect that Robertson and other Christians believe that covert government missions are consistent with Christian morals. There is often a disconnect between Christian peronal ethics and what methods we consider appropriate for government to use to protect our interests.

There are Christians who personally would never even own a gun that are in favor of war if it makes us safe or preserves "our way of life."

Robertson compared Chavez to Saddam Hussein. He said it was a good idea to take him out in a covert opperation because it is cheaper than a $200 billion war later on (like Iraq). He was saying the ends justifies the means. He does much on his website and in his commentary to build a case against Chavez.

I suspect much of the uproar is an objection to assasination of a head of state that is not considered a tyrant yet. If Chavez was demonized in the media enough, Robertson's comment may not have had as much reaction. Few Christians or non-Christians openly oppose our hunting of Osama Bin Ladin. We hope he will be shot on sight.

I am in the middle of a study of Christian ethics. In the past, I have tended to distinguish between personal and national ethics. I have given the government permission to do things I would never do myself. I have not held the government to Christian standards of ethics. I am being persuaded that I need to change my position.

Jarrod Cochran said...

I had literal shivers run up and down my spine when Robertson compared himself to Bonhoeffer. When has Robertson ever considered himself a pacifist? Maybe Pat and others among the Religious Right who have remained akwardly silent should refrain from comparing themselves with Germany's Confessing Church.